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The world of Alter Orbis was first conceived of  by the team creating Autonolas. We strive to bring autonomy to the world in the hopes of creating a better future. Through Alter Orbis, we want to show what autonomy can enable, both for the good of the environment and for the inhabitants of the planet.

About Alter Orbis 

Alter Orbis is a planet in the metaverse upon which the story plays out.


The natural setting for the planet is a lush jungle or rainforest. There are only a very small number of areas like this on the planet right now. Only the oldest in the Olas Tribe remember a time when the coverage was much more solid. The tribe worships its memories of jungle flora and fauna.


The weather is bleak and extreme, like a desert—sunny, hot and dry. Sandstorms roll in more and more frequently. There was one several years ago which wiped out most humans, and Valory scientists have predicted that the next one could engulf the planet and wipe out the rest.



Gaven Armstrong

From before it was even discovered, thousands of years ago in ancient times, to the most recent events on Alter Orbis itself. I have structured it into a timeline, so that everything is clear and neat, and because it's more fun that way!


The history of Alter Orbis

What would your character's origin story be?

How did you arrive on Alter Orbis?



The wind was picking up, stinging his eyes and pelting him with scorching grains of sand. He took a deep breath, something he had become accustomed to doing, and had taken for granted. Dust coated his throat, choking him.​


Each category has one winner. Each winner receives $500 in USDT or a similar stablecoin*.

  • Concept art: $500

  • Writing: $500

  • Video: $500


*What’s a stablecoin? A stablecoin is a version of the US dollar which is transferable and usable on the blockchain. It can also be cashed out to standard currencies via exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

Members of the Autonolas team will review the entries and choose the best one as our winner.



When does it start?

  • We’ll begin accepting submissions on Monday, January 31st and close on Monday, February 21st at 12:00 UTC.

  • Questions about the submission period? We’re open to jump on calls, or stop by Community Office Hours, Fridays at 13:00 UTC.

Where does the competition happen?

We’ve opened a new channel for the buildathon: #world-buildathon in the Discord.

How long is the judging period?

  • We’ll review submissions and make a decision by the end of day Friday, February 25th.

  • We may decide to extend the judging period or announce a winner early, if we do, we will announce this in #world-buildathon.

What’s the prize?

Each category has one winner, and each winner receives $500 in USDT, or a similar stablecoin. 


The three categories are:

  • Concept art: $500

  • Writing: $500

  • Video: $500

What’s a stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a version of the US dollar which is transferable and usable on the blockchain. It can also be cashed out to standard currencies via exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

Who’s going to judge?

  • Oaksprout the Tan, Thomas and Camelia will be the core judges.

  • Other Autonolas team members can get involved if they wish.

What criteria will the judges be using?

We’ll be looking at the entries with the following in mind:


  • How much does it add to the world of Alter Orbis?

  • Does it display originality?

  • Care and craftsmanship

  • Openness/Extensibility 

How will I submit my entry?

We will provide a form for you to upload your work and share it on the Discord, the

main landing page and on our social media.

Are there entry limits?

You can enter work in multiple categories.

Is there a quality reserve

Yes. In order to keep the creative standard for Alter Orbis high, we reserve the right to

not choose a winner if there are no entries of sufficient quality.

Can I share my entry on social media?

Yes, and we encourage you to tag it with #BuildAlterOrbis so we can more easily find

it, and to build awareness of the event.

We're accepting entries in three categories, and you have complete creative freedom in all of them.

  1. Concept Art

  2. Video/Motion Graphics

  3. Creative Writing


We’d love to see how you imagine the world of Alter Orbis, the planet where the Autonolas story unfolds.​ Need a jumping off point? Check out the creative briefs below for some jumping-off points you can use.




Unifists are a group of humans who seek to extract all of the Ola out of Alter Orbis. Unifists extract Ola by ‘unifying’ humans and meks. Unifying merges humans and meks together, removing their ability to move freely and enslaving them to a process of roaming Alter Orbis, slowly sucking Ola out of the earth. This Ola then gets transported back to the Unifists centralised silo where they use it to power their empire. Unifist wealth has enabled them to build large protective shields around their living environments. In doing so they are no affected too much by the huge sandstorms.


Humans and meks are both miserable with this situation. When they are unified, they lose all ability to function normally. Meks are large machines made up of swarms of smaller flying machines. They intelligently serve their humans by sustainably harvesting Ola on their behalf, in a way that is net positive for the environment.



Ola is the main energy in the Universe and on Alter Orbis. When it’s removed from the ground, if it isn’t redeployed productively, the environment is destroyed. Because the Unifists have been extracting unchallenged for so long, Alter Orbis is now on the brink of no longer being able to support life, a fact that Unifists deny publicly, despite building large underground bunkers to protect themselves for that eventuality.


Check out the World Buildathon submissions

World Buildathon
The setting

Once the natural setting of the planet was of lush jungle or rainforest. Unfortunately there are only a very small number of areas like this and most of them are unknown to the inhabitants. The oldest members of the Olas Tribe remember a time when the coverage was much more solid. These extreme conditions are bringing the planet on the verge of ecological collapse. The planet’s inner energy, Ola, which sustains life is continually mined by the Unifists, a group of humans who seek to monopolize the energy for their own benefit.

The weather

The weather is bleak and extreme, a desert, sunny, hot, dry. Huge sandstorms roll in more frequently. The largest one, which took place several years before, wiped out most humans. Valory scientists predict the next one could engulf the planet and wipe the rest out.



Olas Tribe is a rebel human force, fighting for separation between humans & meks, and for the natural flow of Ola in the universe. Olas Tribe is made up of three main subdivisions –[Main Corps], [Agent Devs] and Valory.


Main Corps

Main Corps is the biggest subdivision. Main Corps assists with 

operations such as internal comms, recruitment, education, special tooling etc.


Agent Devs

Agent Devs are an elite group of individuals who self-select 

and work tirelessly to develop an elite set of skills. These skills 

enable them to harness Autonolas, a technology built by Valory.



Valory is a specialized R&D function which has recently created Autonolas.


Meks are large machines made up of swarms of smaller flying machines. They usually form groups of 4 or 6.



Autonolas enables Agent Devs to directly harvest large 

amounts of ola, and also to recover ola extracted by the Unifists. They are then able to use this to separate humans and meks. When they are separated and autonomous the meks roam free and repair the planet. This is the last hope for Alter Orbis. Unifists are aware and scared of this new technology and are actively seeking to sabotage the efforts of Olas Tribe.


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